HAYON C3 Beauty Mystery Amethyst Soap 100g

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The first step to protecting your skin could begin with the HAYON C3 Amethyst Soap – as a unique and fully natural non-irritant soap, it is made with high-quality amethyst powder and aloe vera gel. With such nourishing ingredients, this high-quality cosmetic soap foams richly and ensures that your skin will be left clean, glossy and elastic after use.

Feel free to use this Amethyst Soap on your entire body! Owing to its hypoallergenic nature, you can rest assured that your experience with using the soap will comfortably remove dead skin cells and supply nutrition to your skin no matter where it is applied.

  • Weight: 100g
  • Product is formulated:
    • Using only high quality, naturally-derived ingredients
    • Containing no synthetic preservative, fragrance or colorant

Ingredients: Amethyst powder, coconut oil, rice bran oil, evening primrose oil, grapeseed oil, water, Thuja Occidentalis leaf extract, licorice root extract, Ulmus Davidiana root extract, Morus Alba bark extract, Artemisia Vulgaris Extract, Acorus Calamus root extract, Polygonum multiflorum root extract, Scutellaria baicalensis root extract, castor seed oil, apricot kernel oil, aloe barbadensis gel, stearic acid, Matricaria oil, sodium hyaluronate, tocopheryl acetate, tea tree oil, chitosan, squalene.


1. The HAYON C3 Amethyst Soap is best used with a bath brush or meshed bath sponge. 
2. Make sufficient lather with the soap and gently apply it on the face or all over the body.
3. Proceed to wash out the soap several times.

Avoid placing this product in direct sunlight, as well as locations with high or low temperatures.

1. Avoid using the product on open wounds as well as other skin complications.
2. Discontinue usage of the product if red spots, swelling, itching, irritation, and other concerns occur on the skin.
3. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with clean water.
4. Do not use for purposes other than human body cleaning.
5. Keep out of reach of infants/children.

Product Description: Amethyst Soap
Model number: GB-01
Weight/Volume: 100g
Manufacturing Company: HAYON Co., Ltd. 


HAYON is a pure Korean word that means 'intact nature'. 
HAYON was established after long persistent research to add only the pure natural ingredients without any harmful substances. HAYON only added the ingredients that let your skin relax, breath, and illuminate. 
Skin that currently suffers from chemicals may recover its natural bright complexion. 
HAYON insists on adding only natural ingredients that are good for skin without chemicals for fast absorption, good scent, long expiry date, and favorable formulation. Recover your natural skin with persistent HAYON.